1D04 Labs: Extra Help

By now, you’ve probably seen my other tutorials, which will follow the course content for 1D04 and review (in depth) many of the important concepts of Python programming.

If you’re struggling with the course, or any concepts related to the Python programming language, there are many options for you to ensure that you succeed in this course, and as a developer. Here’s my list of resources.

  1. Avenue Discussions
    Avenue features a discussion section where you can ask any questions regarding Python, the lecture material, or general computer science. There are several categories including Tutorials, Labs, Textbook Exercises, and Test/Exam Preparation.
    Find the discussions under Avenue > 1D04 > Communication > Discussions

  2. Drop-in Center
    The Department of Computing and Software (CAS) has created the drop-in centre to help you with questions outside of scheduled class, lab, and tutorial times. I will update this post with the drop-in times as soon as I get them!

  3. My Tutorials
    These tutorials will be updated frequently and will cover most of the content you will experience in the lab and tests, as well as anything I find people struggling with more often in the labs. If there is anything I haven’t covered, please let me know, and always feel free to send me an email if you need further assistance.

  4. EPIC Labs
    The McMaster Epic Lab offers labs that you can do for extra credit. You can earn up to 4% extra on your final grade for completing these labs, all while learning more about Python.

  5. Extra time in Tutorials/Labs
    As TA’s and IAI’s, our job is to make sure you understand the content and get the best out of ENG 1D04. If you finish the lab or tutorial early, feel free to ask us questions or clarify any of the concepts. Just make sure all other students still doing the lab have had their questions answered!

  6. Codecademy
    Codecademy is a website aimed at teaching entry-level programming to users with little to no previous experience. It is free and easy to sign up, and features tons of tutorials on basic to intermediate concepts in Python. I highly recommend this for anyone struggling with labs (especially if you struggle to complete them on time).

Let me know if I’ve missed anything!

Jamie Counsell