09: Conditionals

Introduction Loops, functions, and methods have allowed us to deal with a wide range of problems. Usually, these problems have a simple logic flow, which usually involves taking data, performing some action, then outputting the data in some manner (print, write, etc.). Although these skills are important, there are still many problems we are unable to solve. Digital logic provides a way of thinking that allows us to break complex (often non-numerical) problems into smaller »

01: Getting to Know Python

*This tutorial series will follow the Engineering 1D04 course at McMaster University. If you’re seeking help from another school and find that these tutorials can help you, please let me know! You’ve probably come here for help with Python, a high-level object oriented programming language. Python can be extremely useful, and is a great beginner’s language, because much of it is written in plain English. Here are a few things you need »