11: Objects and Classes

Introduction Objects can be one of the most difficult programming concepts to understand. Once it clicks, however, it really clicks. I recommend you read and pay close attention to the textbook, and utilize your resources until you understand objects and classes, as your upcoming evaluation will rely heavily on your understanding of these concepts. Before you begin, please read the Python documentation 9.2. Python Scopes and Namespaces. This stuff messes a lot of people »

1D04 Labs: Common Mistakes

With the first major lab closing in, I thought it was appropriate to do a quick post on the most common mistakes I see during the lab. Hopefully knowing what can go wrong will help you avoid making the same mistakes during the major labs. Before I begin, I’d like to remind you all that you cannot ask TA’s any questions during the major lab. The only exception to this is questions clarifying »

1D04 Labs: Extra Help

By now, you’ve probably seen my other tutorials, which will follow the course content for 1D04 and review (in depth) many of the important concepts of Python programming. If you’re struggling with the course, or any concepts related to the Python programming language, there are many options for you to ensure that you succeed in this course, and as a developer. Here’s my list of resources. Avenue Discussions Avenue features a discussion »